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Demurrer to complaint in California

Demurrer to a complaint in California



16 Responses

  1. Nice work. Great Blog


  2. You certainly seem to know your stuff!


  3. Hey, you’re alright Stan I can tell by how your program responded to my last name, Ha.


  4. This was incredibly helpful to me! A cross-complaint I filed has been threatened with a demurrer and after reading this post, I feel much more confident. Thanks!


  5. I really need someone to help me to oppose the demurrer filed by the defendant. Can you please help me? I paid a legal service $450.00 to help me file. The legal service filed a whole new complaint, instead of helping me to file an opposition to the demurrer. The judge gave me thirty days to oppose the demurrer. The legal service then had me file a second amended complaint. Obviously, the legal service that I paid did not know what they were doing, according to the Judge in my case. I have to appear before the Judge on May 23rd after filing the wrong thing for the second time. I am so afraid that if I do not get the right information filed my case will be over.


    • I am unable to assist you personally but you can purchase a sample opposition to a demurrer by clicking the link below.


  6. This was really good….


  7. Thanks Stan….very helpful! I’ve been following a civil case in Los Angeles Superior Court..it’s been in litigation for 3 years….It’s been about a year since the demurrer has been appealed……any idea how long a demurrer appeal takes? Is there any way to track the progress of the appeal?…Thank you very much.


  8. Please call me Melinda – 310 8017150


  9. […] File Name : Demurrer to complaint in california | california freelance Source : burmanparalegal.wordpress.com Download : Demurrer to complaint in california | california freelance […]


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