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Reminder: Only Banks are Allowed to Alter Evidence

Livinglies's Weblog

By William Hudson

Banks have used fabricated documents and forged signatures over the past decade to foreclose on homes they don’t own while law enforcement and the courts have intentionally looked the other way. However, attorney Constantine “Chuck” Kalogianis is now in trouble because he has been accused of resorting to the same tactics by altering documents in at least five Pasco County mortgage foreclosure cases in which he represented delinquent borrowers.

Claims of evidence tampering have been filed in a 258-page motion filed in Pasco Circuit Court this week by Bayview Loan Servicing seeking to foreclose on one of Kalogianis’ clients.  The motion focuses on Kalogianis who the plaintiff believes was the only one with the means and motive to alter records and make it appear that the companies starting the foreclosure actions didn’t have legal standing to do so.

The goal, the motion says, was to make it…

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Foreclosure Fraud Is Supposed to Be a Thing of the Past, But It Happens Every Day

Justice League

Chain of TitleGreat job, David. And yes, foreclosure is still happening despite the financial analysts and banks are still stating that foreclosure is declining… A digitally notarized document? Now that is the newest fraud tactic.

By David Dayen

Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud, is about three foreclosure victims who ended up doing more investigation of the corrupt U.S. mortgage industry than any state or federal law enforcement or regulatory official.

Here at The Intercept, in the past 10 months, I’ve written about the New Jersey man who had precious family heirlooms robbed by Wells Fargo subcontractors when they illegally “trashed out” his foreclosed home. I’ve written about the use of false documents in Seattle and the unregistered business trusts operating in Montana. I’ve written about the Texas jury that awarded $5 million in one wrongful foreclosure case with fabricated and robo-signed documents. I’ve…

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Clouded Titles Blog

“No, I’ll stand my ground

Won’t be turned around

And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down

Gonna stand my ground

And I won’t back down.”

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

(Op-Ed) — Lately, I have been getting a lot of telephone calls from folks who are (what I term is) at the end of their time in their currently-foreclosed property.  For some strange reason, they elected to imbibe in Internet searches and discovered a video that I may have been involved in (such as InfoWars.com’s Alex Jones’s show), too late in coming.  Most folks I know generally understand that when they find they can’t make their mortgage payments, they don’t simply go into “denial mode”, though many do.  Most Americans are so uneducated as to what is really going on in the mortgage industry that we still are embroiled in foreclosures (at near record levels in the “sand states”) that…

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9th Circuit Uses Yvanova Reversing Trial Court

That is good that the Ninth Circuit cites the Yvanova case but they should have published this case so that it can be more easily cited as precedent in other cases.

Livinglies's Weblog

It seems obvious that if a complete stranger to the transaction (see the wording from the San Francisco study), is attempting to enforce a debt or seek a foreclosure, they should have no rights at all. And if a party accepts a modification application, they are making several representations about their authority and what they will do with the application. But the courts have resisted all such notions until very recently.



see 9th Circuit Quotes Yvanova13-17297

This is the stuff that  makes lay people crazy.

Plaintiff Newman filed a lawsuit in California to stop a foreclosure claiming BONY didn’t have the right to foreclose. The trial court dismissed his case because he supposedly didn’t have standing to raise that issue. Then he filed an appeal. During his appeal, the…

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The Government Is At Odds On How To Keep It’s Collecting Pit Bulls From Harassing Us

As if dealing with the government bureaucracy was not enough now anyone that owes the government money will have to put up with obnoxious debt collectors. I have seen first hand how some debt collectors will say and do almost anything to collect a debt and they do not much care whether what they are doing is legal or not.

The GeoGee Experience

Debt Collection Agencies are like rabid pit bulls. Once they latch on to you they don’t let go until they rip something away from you”.
When those vultures start circling phones start ringing.
In the fall of 2015 a rider to a must-pass federal budget bill could open the floodgates holding back harassing government debt collectors.
Lawmakers don’t care for the measure, yet they won’t propose any legislation to close the loophole.

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“Screw The Next Generation” Anonymous Congressman Admits To “Blithely Mortgaging The Future With A Wink & A Nod”

I wish I could say that I am surprised to read this but honestly I am not. The political system is so corrupt and dysfunctional it boggles the mind. This is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are appealing to so many people.

Justice League

FYI: The book will be released on May 24, 2016 on Amazon. And according to Amazon, the book is:

#1 Best Sellerin Political Science

Get the popcorn ready!

A shockingly frank new book from an anonymous Democratic congressman turns yet another set of conspiracy theories into consirpacy facts as he spills the beans on the ugly reality behind the scenes in Washington. While little will surprise any regular readers, the selected quotes offered by “The Confessions Of Congressman X” book cover sheet read like they were ripped from the script of House of Cards… and yet are oh so believable…
A devastating inside look at the dark side of Congress as revealed by one of its own! No wonder Congressman X wants to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. His admissions are deeply disturbing…

“Most of my colleagues are dishonest career politicians who revel in the power and…

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Rescissions and Preemptive Lawsuits by Borrowers — 2 Things the Courts Dislike the Most.

Livinglies's Weblog

For short-term results it is absolutely essential that discovery be pressed as hard as possible and that attorneys prep for a punishing cross examination of the corporate representative of the company claiming to be the servicer for the company that claims to be the trustee or successor for a trust that by implication claims to own the loan but won’t allege that. Layers upon layers.

I have heard dozens of judges caution the “banks” that they better show up with someone who doesn’t need to place a call or wait to get authorization. But that is exactly what they do.




Based upon reports coming in across the country it appears that we are actually receding from the application of law again. The two things that the Courts obviously…

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