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Tampa Bay homeowners sue JPMorgan Chase for billing on already-paid mortgages

Justice League

ST. PETERSBURG — Two Tampa Bay homeowners are suing JPMorgan Chase Bank for attempting to continue to collect on what they say were already-paid-off mortgages.

Seeking class action, the lawsuit alleges that JPMorgan Chase, “as part of its customary and uniform practice and procedure, attempts to collect debts on its customers’ mortgages even though the debt has been satisfied.”

According to the suit filed last week in Pinellas County circuit court, Brian Huff secured a $30,000 mortgage with JPMorgan Chase in 2006 for a New Port Richey house. In late 2014, Huff paid off the mortgage in full.

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Neither God nor Rescission are Dead.

Livinglies's Weblog

Although there are numerous actions and decisions that call into question whether TILA Rescission is effective and if so, when, the answer is clear even in the 9th Circuit where there are some decisions and even disciplinary actions against those lawyers who promote the interests of their clients by using the direct and clear wording of the Statute, The Regulations, the Appellate decisions and the US Supreme Court, to wit:

(1) Rescission is effective the moment it is mailed. The blowback from the servicer or bank is not a legal response. It can only be a lawsuit that vacates that which legally exists — a cancellation of the note and mortgage, leaving the debt unsecured and the bargaining table leveled almost in favor of the borrower. While this throws those bogus mortgage bonds into turmoil that is not the subject matter for concern in any foreclosure case or case in…

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CA Supreme Court Clarified Title vs Sale Perfection

This case will be very helpful to defendants in eviction after foreclosure proceedings. The fact that it has been ordered published by the California Supreme Court is very good news as this case can now be cited.

Livinglies's Weblog

Once again, the devil being in the details, the attempt to treat perfection of title and perfection of sale goes down in flames in an Unlawful Detainer action in California.

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Hat tip to Dan Edstrom

see UD and Duly Perfected Title – FOR PUBLICATION_JAD16-07

I like this case for a number of reasons. The first is that the self serving documents that the banks file in these fraudulent foreclosures are coming under much greater scrutiny — almost back to the way things were before the era of false claims…

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Complaints of Unauthorized American Home Shield Charges Through Wells Fargo Mortgages Could Draw Scrutiny from Policymakers

Justice League

Regulatory Update

As part of our ongoing investigation into American Home Shield (AHS), we have reviewed a number of consumer complaints, received through a FOIA request, that claim Wells Fargo added unauthorized charges for AHS home warranties to customers’ Wells Fargo mortgage statements.

In addition to potentially providing another avenue of scrutiny for Wells Fargo, legal experts we spoke with said the complaints could expose AHS to “joint and independent” legal scrutiny from state and federal regulators, litigators, and other entities pursuing action against Wells Fargo for similar sales practice issues.

Unauthorized charges. In response to a FOIA request, the FTC provided us with 32 complaintsfiled in its Consumer Sentinel Network between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2012.

Several of the complaints relate to unauthorized monthly charges for AHS home warranties Wells Fargo included on customers’ mortgages. Public complaints posted online as early as 2009 and as late…

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Blackstone Group profits from Stolen Middle Class Homes

The large corporate landlords not only charge higher rents than most other landlords they also fail to maintain the rental properties. All they care about is profit and nothing else.

Livinglies's Weblog

Editor’s Note: Blackstone Group’s special relationship with banks and county recorder’s offices allowed them to buy blocks of illegally foreclosed homes for pennies on the dollar.  A significant percentage of these homes purchased in the foreclosure crisis had fraudulent paperwork, forged signatures, and were “owned” by MERS. At some point, when rentals are not so profitable, Blackstone will turn around and resell these homes that lack clear chain of titles to unsuspecting buyers.


Blackstone Group LP US home rental giant created in $20bn deal Merger of Blackstone and Starwood units covers 82,000 houses after buying foreclosed properties

by: Javier Espinoza in London and Kara Scannell and James Fontanella-Khan in New York

Two companies that bought thousands of homes after the US foreclosure crisis that began a decade ago are planning to merge, creating the country’s largest owner of rental houses and marking the culmination of a huge private equity…

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Attorney Linda Tirelli Defines Robo-Signing for Clueless Steven Mnuchin

Livinglies's Weblog


It seemed like the Treasury Secretary doth protest a bit too much as a Shakespearean drama unfolded at a July 27th meeting of the House Financial Services Subcommittee . Steven Mnuchin, like some wayward damsel in distress, took deep umbrage at Representative Keith Ellison’s (D-MN) suggestion that he was anything but an honest, ethical banker; albeit one who headed up the hyper-controversial OneWest Bank.

The ghosts of banking’s past seemed to surface with a vengeance when the term “robo-signing” — a foreclosure short-cut liberally used by OneWest — was hurled his way by the Congressman. This, in turn, proved too much for the normally passive Treasury boss who decided, like Network’s, Howard Beale, he was angry, really angry and wasn’t going to take it any more.

In prickly fashion he loaded up his blunderbuss and unloaded some lead balls Ellison’s way:

Do you even know what Robo-signing…

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