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The Old REMIC Trusts Are Dead

Livinglies's Weblog

… world-class fortune to be made (10%-15%) using the IRS anonymous tip line once you figure out the players. Just remember where you got this information and throw a little our way when you collect. Anyone can do it. You don’t need to be a lawyer. All you need is the  right investigation to discover the parties involved (i.e., who is probably taking the deduction).

Since the trusts were empty to begin with, one would think that trading stopped. Quite the contrary. Virtually all prior REMIC Trusts have been “resecuritized” or tossed into a distressed asset trust (DAT). Some nominal value is placed on the nonexistent assets and the loans (falsely claimed as REMIC trust assets) are subject to  write down.

In one case they picked some nonexistent distressed debts that were never going to be paid. And they paid around $18 Million for it. But they got a $1.1 billion…

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Eric Mains: #MeToo- Is Social Justice a Viable Alternative to a Flawed and Compromised Judicial System?

A great article by Eric Mains who has seen the system up close and personal and seen its shortcomings.

Livinglies's Weblog

La Revolucion # MeToo and #MineToo revolución!

By Eric Mains, J.D, Former Federal Bank Regulator

In the last few months we have seen a literal wave of the wealthy and influential falling from grace, losing their positions of power and ducking for cover as their conduct becomes scrutinized in media and social media. They have become keenly aware if they have something to hide in their past or present that maybe, just maybe, the specter of justice, fate, retribution… call it what you will, but a reckoning of some sort may finally be coming for them.

The key difference from what we have experienced in the recent past is this is not just a few token individuals who are intentionally being sacrificed by other peers just to placate the masses, to give us a sense that there is justice out there, while a majority of the remaining transgressors remain free to go…

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Ocwen Boarding Process Was Shot Down Last Year

If only more judges would act like Beatrice Butchko did in this case.

Livinglies's Weblog

As foreclosure defense lawyers have been saying for years, the Ocwen Boarding process is a sham. “This boarding process is a legal fiction, and it means something different to every entity,” Butchko ruled from the bench during a March 17 hearing.

Ocwen does not verify any of the data. It downloads it and then “calls it a day.”

“I have done this investigation for a long time,” he said, noting, “The appellate courts are going under this presumption that there is some type of meaningful auditing and verification.” But Jacobs maintained, “You just heard it from a lawyer who knows how to properly phrase the questions that she’s basically testifying to all — all of this is still hearsay.

”Butchko granted an involuntary dismissal in HSBC Bank USA’s suit against Miami homeowner Joseph Buset, whose loan was initially serviced by Litton Loan Servicing LP, which Ocwen acquired in 2011.

We can…

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Reading this article is like receiving an early Christmas gift. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people. More judges need to use their powers of contempt and issue more orders to show cause such as this one. Forget about putting the fear of God in these people! Put the fear of being arrested and being thrown into the local jail along with the rest of the general population of prisoners into them! That will get the message across.

Clouded Titles Blog


Daily Business Review is reporting that a Miami-Dade Circuit Judge has ordered two attorneys for a mortgage loan servicer and their representative who testified in court to appear at a show cause hearing before Judge Beatrice Butchko, wherein they may be facing indirect criminal contempt of court, resulting in jail time along with other possible sanctions!   See the article here: Loan Servicer’s Attorneys Face Criminal Contempt Arraignment in Miami | Daily Business Review

Here is a transcript from one of the recent court hearings in the case: GRE-1116

Here is the Order to Show Cause for the hearing for the attorneys, scheduled for December 14, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.: 2017_11_20-Order-to-Show-Cause-Why-Ditechs-Witness-and-Ditechs-Atty-Should-not-be-Held-in-Indirect-Criminal-Contempt-of-Court

Here is the final link from the DBR article: Home Foreclosure Fails on Ocwen Servicing Records | Daily Business Review

As you may recall, Miami-Dade Attorney Bruce Jacobs won a case against HSBC Bank USA, NA…

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Bullseye! Investors Are “Far Removed” from Alleged Underlying Mortgages — Livinglies’s Weblog

IF YOU ARE IN FORECLOSURE WITH SOME BANK CLAIMING TO BE TRUSTEE FOR CERTIFICATE HOLDERS YOU NEED TO READ THIS ARTICLE. It is in tax litigation that some of the truth comes out. While the courts have yet to determine if the REMIC Trust ever existed, they are coming to some interesting conclusions — corroborating […]

via Bullseye! Investors Are “Far Removed” from Alleged Underlying Mortgages — Livinglies’s Weblog

Wells Fargo, accused of signing up customers for unneeded insurance, could face sanctions from state — Justice League

California’s insurance regulator wants to suspend or revoke Wells Fargo & Co.’s license to sell insurance in the state after accusing the bank of setting up more than 1,400 renters insurance and life insurance policies for customers who never asked for them. The move, announced late Tuesday, comes after the department launched an investigation last year into […]

via Wells Fargo, accused of signing up customers for unneeded insurance, could face sanctions from state — Justice League

What really needs to happen is for the insurance regulators in all 50 states to revoke the license of Wells Fargo to sell any insurance in their state. Then the politicians and regulators need to get serious about revoking the national banking charter of Wells  Fargo Bank to make an example of them.


(BREAKING NEWS, OP-ED) — Boo, Frickety Hoo! Why is everybody in the foreclosure mill and related industries pining over the announcement by several news outlets that Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. (“NWTS”) in Bellevue, Washington is closing its doors? I for one am glad to see them “out of here”, given the fact of NWTS’s propensity […]


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