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Kate Fitzgerald

No matter what you’re looking for in the civil litigation area, Stan has it. Best anywhere.

Kate Fitzgerald

Mitzi Lott

Very GOOD and very USEFUL information here for anyone who may need legal help with ANY legal topics.

Mitzi Lott

Renee Yamagashi

“Hi Stan,

Thanks again for your invaluable legal docs – I got my TRO!!!  as a Pro Per and now I am represented by counsel.

It’s “angels” like you that help the people in pro per / pro se towards some evenness in the court playing field.

I couldn’t have written and pleaded as successfully for last month’s TRO without your template!  I recommend you all the time. Thanks Stan!!”

Renee Yamagishi. Purchaser of several sample legal documents including the ex-parte application for Temporary Restraining Order.

Patrick Writer

“Stan Burman’s sample legal documents level the playing field for Pro Se Litigants like myself! Unfortunately I was in a situation where I had to represent myself in a civil litigation. I had been  spending a lot of time at the law library and online assembling a mountain of legal information preparing for my litigation issue. In spite of the sheer volumes of information I had, I was still feeling very intimidated and uncertain how to create a proper pleading. Then I came across Stan Burman’s sample legal documents which seem to cut through the pleading fog and set up a great pleading complete with Points and Authorities! I thought it might be a scam, because his products seemed too good to be true. But I only had 7 days left to write and file a motion to strike and a demurer, and request a judgment…

In desperation I purchased Stan’s California Litigation Packages and I received my templates instantly and these Legal Documents are superb! I immediately started working on my motion to strike and demurrer from Stan’s templates. I can customize the template to my situation with very little work. Stan’s package has all the service forms, affidavits, verification and tips on how and when to file these pleadings in California. Now I can file all of these documents at the same time! I am confident I will be able to create high quality pleadings quickly because of Mr. Burman’s products. If you need to speedily create high quality pleadings, look no further than Stan Burman’s LegalDocsPro sample documents.”

Patrick Writer. A very satisfied customer.

Attorney Nathan Mubasher

Another testimonial from attorney Nathan Mubasher.

“Stan is bar none, the best paralegal I have used in my practice. My law office and other law offices I have recommended use Stan are always satisfied with the superb work product he generates on an extremely broad range of assignments. I have utilized the services of countless paralegals over the years but Stan’s work always cuts through the clutter – I can rely on it to be concise, accurate and on point each and every single time. Without any reservation, I heartily recommend his paralegal services to lawyer and layman alike. Contact him today and see what he can do for you”

Law Offices of Nathan Mubasher


Attorney Eric Ridley

Stan’s documents are terrific! He’s saved me untold hours by having well-prepared, useful guidelines that I can dig into for my practice. Thanks, Stan!

Consumer Protection Attorney at the Law Offices of Eric Ridley

Attorney Eric Rechsteiner

“I have hired Stan Burman to work on several of my civil cases where my clients have been both plaintiffs and defendants. Stan has done an excellent job for me in preparing complaints, answers, discovery and motions. Stan has always been timely, is highly knowledgeable and very friendly thus making him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend hiring Stan for paralegal services.”

 Eric Rechsteiner

Eric Rechsteiner of the Law Offices of Eric Rechsteiner


Attorney Nathan Mubasher

“Working with Stan is always a pleasure. He has many years of experience, and knows legal pleadings like the back of his hand. I would heartily recommend his services to counsel, pro pers and anyone else who deals with the legal system and needs the extra edge.”

Law Offices of Nathan Mubasher            

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