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12 Confessions Of A Home Mortgage Collector — Consumerist

A former Wells Fargo Home Mortgage home collector has stepped forth from the shadows to tell you what’s really going on. Here’s his confession:

via 12 Confessions Of A Home Mortgage Collector — Consumerist

Excellent advice from someone that used to work for Wells Fargo and knows what they are talking about.

I am surprised to hear that they were not informed about the FDCPA. I briefly worked for a collection agency years ago and a significant part of the training involved the requirements of the FDCPA and what we could and could not do.



The Former Khmer Rouge Slave Who Blew the Whistle on Wells Fargo

An inspiring story of one man who escaped actual slavery only to face another form of slavery, the corporate slavery of Wells Fargo. The world needs more people like Duke Tran.

Justice League

After Duke Tran escaped from slavery, but before he became a millionaire, he was a Wells Fargo employee.

He worked at the bank’s debt-collections center near Portland, Ore., talking on the phone to customers who owed Wells Fargo money. It wasn’t glamorous, but the job enabled him to afford a two-story suburban house with mustard-colored aluminum siding. After more than three decades in the United States, Mr. Tran felt that he was the living embodiment of the American dream.

And then it all started to crumble.

In 2014, according to Mr. Tran, his boss ordered him to lie to customers who were facing foreclosure. When Mr. Tran refused, he said, he was fired. He worried that he wouldn’t be able to make his monthly mortgage payments and that he was about to become homeless.

Joining a cadre of former employees claiming they were mistreated for speaking out about problems at…

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California Legislature approves bill to stop arbitration measure spurred by the Wells Fargo scandal — Justice League

The California Legislature has approved a bill aimed at stopping banks from using arbitration clauses to shield themselves from lawsuits over sham accounts — a direct response to the Wells Fargo scandal. Senate Bill 33 passed the state Assembly on Tuesday and was approved by the Senate on Wednesday. It now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. […]

via California Legislature approves to stop arbitration measure spurred by the Wells Fargo scandal — Justice League

That is great news for consumers that the California Legislature passed Senate Bill 33.  Hopefully Governor Jerry Brown will sign the bill. All consumers in California should contact the Governor’s office and ask that he sign Senate Bill 33 right away.

Wells Fargo appeals decision regarding class action lawsuit

How long is this knucklehead going to be CEO? Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloane is continuing the bank’s history of dumb decisions — this time fighting a class-action suit that other banks have settled.Post photo composite Wells Fargo Chief Executive Tim Sloan has reassured customers he’s doing everything he can to make up for past […]

via Wells Fargo may have just made another boneheaded decision — Justice League

This could turn out to be a huge tactical error by Wells Fargo if the appeals court rules against them and decides to order that their decision be published.


Wells Fargo is being sued by mortgage borrowers

More problems for Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo Bank has been hit with a proposed class action accusing it of collecting tens of millions of dollars from Texas borrowers who paid off their mortgages early without providing required disclosures about how to avoid the charges. Filed on Tuesday in Oakland, California federal court, the lawsuit said […]

via Borrowers sue Wells Fargo over paid-off mortgage interest — Justice League

‘Wells Fargo LIARS’: Fed up with service, Mobile bar owner sticks it to big bank

More people that have been victims of big bank abuses need to start doing what Jim Walker is doing. If more people started doing that it would at least get the issue of big bank abuses more publicity.

Justice League

Mobile restaurant owner Jim Walker has a simple message for Wells Fargo: LIARS.

That’s the message he displayed a little more than two weeks ago in a banner hung outside one of his businesses, the OK Bicycle Shop, located at Dauphin Street and Washington Avenue.

Since then, Walker had raised the same banner above the Alchemy Tavern and a building near the Hardee’s in downtown Mobile. He is also planning to hang a similar banner over a bridge that’s facing Interstate 10 during Labor Day weekend for maximum exposure.

He said that several bad experiences he has had with the bank, which has $1.4 trillion in assets, inspired him to create the sign.

“At some point the consumer is going to have to stand up,” Walker said. “They are corporate bullies that are endorsed by the federal legislature. They are given unlimited power and this is the way they treat…

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Judge: Wells Fargo to pay $8M for fraud tied to trust set up when Dallas woman was orphan

Wells Fargo Bank has been ordered by a Judge in Dallas County, Texas to pay a woman that was defrauded by the bank more than $8 million.

Justice League


Wells Fargo Bank has been ordered to pay a Dallas woman more than $8 million by a state judge who concluded the bank defrauded her in serving as a trustee for a trust established by her relatives in Midland when she was orphaned at age 7.

In court filings and during a 2012 bench trial before State Judge Emily Tobolowsky, Angela Militello alleged that she had been deceived by Wells Fargo, which was acting as the trustee in a trust set up for her as a child. (The original complaint is here.)

Wells Fargo sent a trust officer to Dallas County in 1999 to discuss Militello’s trust, she alleged. At a Dallas restaurant, he informed her she needed to “open a new account” and produced papers for her to assign to create a revocable trust.

In 2006, following her divorce, Militello asked her trust officer how she might get $200,000 to  buy a house where she…

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