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New rules for financial advisers

ONE OF THE most important investor protections in decades took effect on June 9. The new rule, issued by the Department of Labor, sets in motion a seemingly commonsense requirement that those who advise on retirement investments must put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. Yet it marks a revolution in retirement security, the result […]

via The Department of Labor new rule: Financial advisor trap — Justice League

I am not a huge fan of government regulation but it should be self-evident that anyone that advises individuals or companies on retirement investments should absolutely be required to put their client’s interests ahead of their own.


So much for that tough talk about holding Wall Street accountable for its crimes

Business as usual in Washington, D.C. With no complaints and tacit encouragement from both the White House and the Justice Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is attempting to sneak through a major policy change that would enable big banks convicted of felonies to continue lending through a federal mortgage program, according to federal records and government officials. This is just more proof that the big banks not only own both houses of Congress they own the White House as well.

Justice League

With the blessing of the White House and the Justice Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is attempting to sneak through a major policy change that would enable big banks convicted of felonies to continue lending through a federal mortgage program, according to federal records and government officials.

The housing agency wants to quietly delete a requirement for lenders to certify they haven’t been convicted of violating federal antitrust laws or committing other serious crimes. HUD proposed the move on May 15, without detailing the reasoning behind the change. It’s now considering public comment, with an eye towards finalizing the proposal.

Five years after lawmakers and the Obama administration said the Dodd-Frank financial reform law would end the problems caused by banks perceived to be “too big to fail,” HUD’s move could represent yet another capitulation from federal officials who want to appear to be tough on Wall…

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Why The U.S. Isn’t Prosecuting White Collar Criminals

I am not surprised that this happening. After all Obama was elected and then re-elected with the help of Wall Street money

Justice League

Now that is the million dollar question…

A British banker is headed to prison for over a dozen years for cheating the markets, but American prosecutions of financial and other professionalized crimes are at their lowest levels in 20 years, according to data compiled by Syracuse University’s Transaction Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC).

The decline in American vigor against crooks who keep their hands clean comes as Britain prepares to send a financier to prison for his role in a megabank conspiracy to rig interest rates in their favor. Tom Hayes, 35, was sentenced Monday to 14 years behind bars by a British jury.


William Black, a white collar criminologist and finance professor who helped expose the vast fraud underlying the Savings & Loan (S&L) crisis of the 1980s and then authored a book titled “The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One,” said the prosecutorial…

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#BankLivesMatter: Banks Squirm As Congress Moves To Cut The 6% Dividend Paid To Them By The Fed

This Senate Bill is a step in the right direction. Finally the politicians in Washington have taken note of the generous 6% dividend that the big banks enjoy on their stock investment in the Federal Reserve and have decided to do something about it.

Justice League

Now this is interesting..

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

On December 23 of this year, the Federal Reserve will be 99 years old.  And throughout that 99 years, regardless of boom, bust, recession or Great Depression, the biggest Wall Street banks have been enjoying a 6 percent, risk-free return on the capital they hold at the Fed in the form of dividends.

Have you looked at your checking or money market bank statement lately from JPMorgan Chase or Citibank? How about the statement showing the interest you’re earning on your mortgage escrow account with the big banks? While the country suffers through the lingering effects of the Great Recession caused by the biggest Wall Street banks, the public typically receives less than 1 percent on their deposits at the big banks, while the government has legislated a permanent, risk-free 6 percent guarantee to the Wall Street banks for…

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Hillary Clinton won’t propose reinstating a bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act

Hillary Clinton will not propose to reinstate the bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act states Alan Blinder an economist and adviser to her campaign. That is not surprising when you consider that it was Bill Clinton that signed legislation repealing the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 as the big Wall Street banks requested.

Justice League

Hillary Clinton won’t propose reinstating a bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act – at least according to Alan Blinder, an economist who has been advising Clinton’s campaign. “You’re not going to see Glass-Steagall,” Blinder saidafter her economic speech Monday in which she failed to mention it. Blinder said he had spoken to Clinton directly about Glass-Steagall.

This is a big mistake.

It’s a mistake politically because people who believe Hillary Clinton is still too close to Wall Street will not be reassured by her position on Glass-Steagall. Many will recall that her husband led the way to repealing Glass Steagall in 1999 at the request of the big Wall Street banks.

It’s a big mistake economically because the repeal of Glass-Steagall led directly to the 2008 Wall Street crash, and without it we’re in danger of another one.

Read on.

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Wall Street Prepares To Reap Billions From Another Main Street Wipe Out

Wall Street hedge funds are already lining up to profit from another market crash that will greatly affect retirees and other small individual investors.

Justice League


Here’s WSJ with more on how Wall Street is preparing to profit from an unwind in Main Street’s ETF and mutual fund portfolios:

Wall Street is preparing for panic on Main Street.

Hedge funds are lining up to profit from potential trouble at some “alternative” mutual funds and bond exchange-traded funds that have boomed in popularity among retirees and other individual investors.

Financial advisers have pushed ordinary investors into those funds in search of higher returns, a strategy that has come into favor as Federal Reserve benchmark interest rates remain near zero. But many on Wall Street worry the junk bonds, bank loans and esoteric investments held by some of those funds will be extremely hard to sell if the market turns, leaving prices pummeled in a rush for the exits.

Concerns about such scenarios have been escalating for some time. Now, investment firms such as Leon Black’s Apollo…

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CFPB Cordray Increases Disgorgement from $6 Million to $109 Million Against Lender for Insurance Kickbacks

The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray (former Ohio Attorney General) increased the disgorgement fine against a mortgage lender found liable in an insurance kickback scheme from $6.4 million to $190 million! The trial judge had ordered the lender to pay the $6.4 million but Cordray said the administrative trial judge got it wrong and increased the stakes by ordering the lender to disgorge $109 million. It seems that there is at least one Washington bureaucrat this is doing their job. If only more of the astounding numbers of bureaucrats in Washington would start earning their money and acting like Richard Cordray.

Livinglies's Weblog

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see http://www.acainternational.org/cfpbarticle-cfpb-director-richard-cordray-increases-mortgage-lenders-fine-in-administrative-ruling-36088.aspx

At the end of the day, most everyone knows most everything. Here in a patent insurance kickback scheme that was obviously not disclosed to the borrower, the Judge ordered the lender to pay $6.4 million. On appeal Director Cordray (former Ohio Attorney General) said the administrative trial judge got it wrong. Cordray raised the stakes by ordering the lender to disgorge $109 million.

As our administrative and judicial systems come to grips with the massive fraud, fabrication, and manipulation of their systems they are revealing a callous disregard not only for rules and laws, but for society at large. And while it might be hard to make the connection, this is why Congress passed the Truth in Lending Act — to level the playing field with rescission and other remedies.

The question being asked “in defense” of rescission and…

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