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6 Things a Divorce Attorney Won’t Tell You — FYI Divorce

If you can manage it, get through your divorce with as little family law industry personnel involved as possible. Almost every person that works in the family law industry and even your friends will say, “you need an attorney!” Newsflash, they don’t REALLY know and if they work in the industry, they have ulterior motives. […]

via 6 Things a Divorce Attorney Won’t Tell You — FYI Divorce

I worked on divorce cases, both contested and uncontested in California for many years and I have to say that I agree with most of the points made in this blog post. The family law industry is just that, an industry whose main goal is to extract as much profit as possible.


Going Pro Se in an Attorney’s World – 5 Things to Remember at Settlement — FYI Divorce

Going pro se or representing yourself in a divorce is not for everyone. Family law is a division of the Judicial Branch that is not governed like criminal law. In fact, there is very little information online that clearly explains how and when family law started in the first place and why it is structured […]

via Going Pro Se in an Attorney’s World – 5 Things to Remember at Settlement — FYI Divorce

Good tips.  If representing yourself in a divorce case be sure to visit the local law library as they will have excellent legal textbooks also known as treatises on various legal subjects including divorce (also referred to as domestic relations among other terms). These textbooks will have valuable information on the divorce laws in your state.

For California I have found that the Nolo Press books are excellent at providing basic information and guidance. For contested cases the Rutter Group Guide for family law is excellent and can be found in just about every county law library in California.  Search for a public law library in California at this link: Search for a law library in California

Readers in other states can search for a law library in their area at this link: Search for a law library in your area

If you are representing yourself in a divorce case in California you can get limited assistance through a family law facilitator in your local courthouse.  They cannot represent you but can often help walk you through the basics. You can search for the family law facilitator for your California county at this link: Family law facilitators in California


Wells Fargo accused of lying to Congress about their auto insurance scandal

Wells Fargo was just accused of lying to Congress last year by failing to disclose a brewing scandal in the bank’s auto insurance business. The startling allegation came from Senator Sherrod Brown on Tuesday during a Senate hearing on Wells Fargo’s various scandals. “The company pure and simple lied to this committee — and lied to the […]

via Wells Fargo accused of lying to Congress about auto insurance scandal — Justice League

Wells Fargo Bank admits to charging over 100,000 customers with inappropriate fees for locking in mortgage rates

Wells Fargo is in trouble once again — this time for fees charged to customers trying to nail down a mortgage. The scandal-ridden bank said on Wednesday that some mortgage borrowers were inappropriately charged for missing a deadline to lock in promised interest rates, even though the delays were Wells Fargo’s fault. Wells Fargo said it will […]

via Wells Fargo wrongly hit homebuyers with fees to lock in mortgage rates — Justice League


Home Owners Loan Act does not preempt a state law breach of contract claim

The Home Owners Loan Act does not preempt a state law breach of contract claim that the bank miscalculated adjusted interest rates on loans, since common law breach of contract claims impose no requirements other than those the bank voluntarily assumed in its own agreements. The Home Owners Loan Act does not preempt a state […]

via Campidoglio v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. — California Appellate Tracker

Contact your senators and ask them to vote against Senate Joint Resolution 47

Call Your Senators; Tell Them NOT to Take Away Your Day in Court Against Big Banks Focus Area: Forced Arbitration For too long, Wall Street lawyers and lobbyists have used a secret tactic, fine print contracts, to take away Americans’ constitutional right to go to court. After more than five years of studying and working […]

via Don’t Give the Big Banks Another Sneaky Victory. Call McCain and Flake. — Findsen Law

Recent class action lawsuits you may be eligible for

Via Class Actions Reporter TCPA Rules The Day Still Here is this week’s update on class actions and settlements. Clearly violations of the TCPA rule the day. Not sure what the TCPA is? You have to read one of the many lawsuits with TCPA in the title. Class Action Lawsuits Nextgen Leads TCPA Class…

via Recent Class Actions You May Be Eligible For — considertheconsumer

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