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Two Damning Videos Point to Parkland School Psyop — The New Modern Man

The United States – in a true display of Neoconservative philosophy based on using the mainstream media to invent phantom enemies in order to influence public policy (as documented by BBC filmmaker Adam Curtis in a film that strongly suggests most, if not all “terror” events since 2001 have been staged) has unleashed yet another […]

via Two Damning Videos Point to Parkland School Psyop — The New Modern Man

This post details some of the reasons why I no longer reside in the United States. I grew up there and love the country and its ideals. Unfortunately the United States is no longer a republic based on democratic principles.


Corporations may dodge billions in U.S. taxes through new loophole: experts

The big corporations benefit yet again from “tax reform” while the rest of us get the crumbs. This happens no matter which party is in power.

Justice League

A loophole in the new U.S. tax law could allow multinational corporations like Apple Inc to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes on profits stashed overseas, according to experts.

Stemming from a Republican overhaul of international business taxes, the loophole involves the tax rates – 15.5 percent or 8 percent – that companies must pay on $2.6 trillion in profits they are holding abroad.

By manipulating their foreign cash positions, a determining factor under the new law, a U.S. multinational could potentially save money by shifting profits to the lower rate from the higher one, according to Stephen Shay, a senior lecturer at Harvard Law School.

The savings could amount to more than $4 billion in Apple’s case alone, he said.

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Renting A Home is a Good Deal and About to Get Better — considertheconsumer

In a growing number of housing markets, it makes more economic sense renting a home as opposed to buying it, according to a new analysis by real estate marketplace realtor.com. The authors of the report measured the various costs of renting a home as opposed to owning it and found the gap favoring renting is getting…

via Renting A Home is a Good Deal and About to Get Better — considertheconsumer

Determining whether renting or buying a home makes more economic sense requires consideration of a lot of factors including your tax situation, whether you plan to move within a few years.

The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World by Jon Rappoport December 16, 2017 The following information comes from insider interviews with Ellis Medavoy and Richard Bell, two people I interview extensively in my collection, The Matrix Revealed. This is just a brief taste of what they have to say… Major institutions on this planet […]

via The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Informative article.  I have heard that there about 10 or so large corporations that produce almost everything that the average person in the United States buys.

Almost 40 millions of Americans live in housing they cannot afford

http://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/13/harvard-study-heres-how-many-americans-cant-afford-housing.html Ester Bloom Thursday, 13 Jul 2017 | 9:22 AM ET Harvard study: Almost 40 million Americans can’t afford to pay for housing According to new research by Harvard University, almost 40 million Americans “live in housing they cannot afford.” Homeownership has gone down and rental prices keep going up, meaning that millions of residents […]

via A shocking number of Americans live in housing they can’t afford, according to Harvard study — Livinglies’s Weblog

Subprime mortgages are making a comeback

Apparently the biggest banks in the US didn’t learn their lesson the first time around… Because a few days ago, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and many of the usual suspects made a stunning announcement that they would start making crappy subprime loans once again! I’m sure you remember how this all blew up back […]

via The Subprime Mortgage Is Back: It’s 2008 All Over Again! — Easy Money

This is very bad news for the economy as this will make the real estate bubble grow even larger and guarantees that the next real estate crash will be several orders of magnitude worse than the last one.


New rules for financial advisers

ONE OF THE most important investor protections in decades took effect on June 9. The new rule, issued by the Department of Labor, sets in motion a seemingly commonsense requirement that those who advise on retirement investments must put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. Yet it marks a revolution in retirement security, the result […]

via The Department of Labor new rule: Financial advisor trap — Justice League

I am not a huge fan of government regulation but it should be self-evident that anyone that advises individuals or companies on retirement investments should absolutely be required to put their client’s interests ahead of their own.

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