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What should I pay my attorney?

You only get what you pay for may be an old saying but it is the absolute truth when it comes to hiring an attorney or any other professional.

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Like all professions the practice of law mostly involves activities that the client never sees. And it is the quantity and quality of work by the attorney that is the largest factor in getting a good result.

The best result is having the foreclosure dismissed or vacated with findings of fact that make it virtually impossible for the foreclosing party to try again. To get that result you need experienced trial counsel who does all the work he/she thinks is necessary to achieve the goal. Those are at the top of winning food chain.

If you must pay less then you must lower your goal or buy a winning lottery ticket.

Let us help you plan your foreclosure defense strategy, discovery requests and defense narrative: 202-838-6345. Ask for a Consult


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Punitive Damages for Violations of Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy §362

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Since 2008 I have called out bankruptcy practitioners for their lack of interest in false claims of securitization. The impact on the bankruptcy estate is usually enormous. But without aggressive education of the presiding judge the case will not only go as planned by the banks, it will also lock in the homeowner to “admissions” in bankruptcy schedules and orders that lead to a false conclusion of fact.

Where a pretender lender ignores the automatic stay Bankruptcy judges are and should be very harsh in their penalty. The stay is the bulwark of consumer protection under bankruptcy proceedings which are specifically enabled by the U.S. Constitution. Hence it is as important as free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms.

The attached article shown in the link below gives the practitioner a running start on holding the violator responsible and in giving…

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Student Loans: “Best Value”(?!), An Erroneous Idea, and Next Steps — MEDIATBANKRY

“We don’t want loans. We want grants!” —Yours truly, circa 2000s, on paying for college “We are creating a ‘lost generation’ of young adults; they’re overwhelmed by their student loans!” —Recent comment from a friend This article identifies two things that are wrong with our student loan system (Exhibits “A” & “B”) and […]

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They should also revise the rules that make it next to impossible to discharge a student loan. If the lenders had to worry about student loan debtors discharging their student loans in the same way they can discharge their taxes they would tighten up their lending standards.

The Fate of the CFPB Consumer Complaint Database? To Be Determined. — Consider The Consumer

Well, what do you think? Should consumers, businesses, etc., be allowed to have access to complaints others have shared about different companies? Should there be a database that holds these in one place? 1,215 more words

via The Fate of the CFPB Consumer Complaint Database? To Be Determined. — Consider The Consumer

I believe that the CFPB consumer complaints database should be public information.

If Wells Fargo Calls To Offer You An Equity Loan On Your Car… Say No. — Consumerist

Over on the Credit Slips blog, Elizabeth Warren posted an email from a bankruptcy lawyer who was stunned at the horrible deal one of her clients got from Wells Fargo on an equity loan on a car.

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“Undue Hardship” Discharge — The Top Priority for Student Loan Solutions — MEDIATBANKRY

By: Donald L. Swanson The student loan crisis and potential legislation to solve it are in the news these days. Lots of ideas are bandied about on what legislation might look like. Top Priority There is a top priority for such legislation that dwarfs all others. The number one priority, bar none (and it’s not […]

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That is outrageous that it is easier for someone to discharge unpaid income taxes than to discharge student loans.

Duke Law: The Bootstrap Trap

The corporate owned media is constantly repeating the mindless mantra that a person’s credit score is so important. That is only true up to a point. It is better to live as frugally as possible and to save up and pay cash for items whenever possible to avoid having to borrow unless absolutely necessary. But you will rarely, if ever, find any mention of this strategy in the major media.

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The Bootstrap Trap

By J. Guggenheim

Duke Law Professor Sara Sternberg Greene’s paper The Bootstrap Trap  describes the tragic oppression of consumer credit on low-income households as people strive desperately to become secure and self-sufficient and the limited influence of poverty law. Professor Sternberg Greene, a practicing sociologist, evaluates the disturbing impact of credit scores on low-income consumers’ lives- that are also applicable to the middle class living paycheck-to-paycheck.

“…..respondents referred to their credit reports or scores as “the most important thing in my life, right now, well besides my babies,” as “that darned thing that is destroying my life,” and as “my ticket to good neighborhoods and good schools for my kids.” Many respondents believed that a “good” credit score was the key to financial stability.”-Greene

“One respondent, Maria, told a story about a friend who was able to improve his score.  She said…

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