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About Stan Burman

Virtual litigation paralegal for California

Virtual litigation paralegal services.

Senior litigation paralegal available for California and Federal litigation.

Stan Burman is available for hire as a virtual litigation paralegal. Stan Burman has worked in California and Federal litigation since 1995 and has also collected unpaid judgments in California since 1992. Mr. Burman can perform any research necessary to locate any hidden assets as well as preparing any legal documents necessary. He offers flat fee rates for most services so you know upfront exactly what it will cost.

Do you need to prepare a motion or ex parte but you don’t have time to research and write it? Put the creator and owner of LegalDocsPro to work for you! Stan Burman will do the research and draft a powerful motion for you that will most likely be granted if the facts are in your client’s favor. Do you need assistance in collecting on an unpaid California Court judgment?

Virtual litigation paralegal services offered by Stan Burman.

Did your office just get served with a motion that you don’t have time to oppose? Stan Burman can research and write a strong opposition that will likely result in the motion being denied assuming your client’s facts are good.

Do you need a really strong complaint, cross-complaint, answer or demurrer prepared? Or an opposition to a demurrer? Or written discovery to propound that pins down the opposing party as to their claims or defenses. Or responses to discovery? Or motions to compel? Or evidentiary objections? Or a trial brief?

Stan Burman has prepared literally thousands of documents for numerous attorneys, and he knows what he is doing.

Mr. Burman worked on a case where he was largely response for a six figure settlement in a product liability case involving a defective cigarette lighter. Mr. Burman through careful and diligent research not only found the overseas company involved in importing the cigarette lighter he located their local office in California where service of the summons and complaint was made.

Mr. Burman also worked on a case where he drafted a motion to vacate a default judgment that resulted in a SIX YEAR OLD default judgment being set aside.

“I have hired Stan Burman to work on several of my civil cases where my clients have been both plaintiffs and defendants. Stan has done an excellent job for me in preparing complaints, answers, discovery and motions. Stan has always been timely, is highly knowledgeable and very friendly thus making him a pleasure to work […]

Attorney Eric Rechsteiner

Stan’s documents are terrific! He’s saved me untold hours by having well-prepared, useful guidelines that I can dig into for my practice. Thanks, Stan! Eric Ridley Consumer Protection Attorney at the Law Offices of Eric Ridley

Attorney Eric Ridley

“Working with Stan is always a pleasure. He has many years of experience, and knows legal pleadings like the back of his hand. I would heartily recommend his services to counsel, pro pers and anyone else who deals with the legal system and needs the extra edge.” Nathan Mubasher Law Offices of Nathan Mubasher   […]

Attorney Nathan Mubasher

Another testimonial from attorney Nathan Mubasher. “Stan is bar none, the best paralegal I have used in my practice. My law office and other law offices I have recommended use Stan are always satisfied with the superb work product he generates on an extremely broad range of assignments. I have utilized the services of countless […]

Attorney Nathan Mubasher

No matter what you’re looking for in the civil litigation area, Stan has it. Best anywhere. Kate Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald

Very GOOD and very USEFUL information here for anyone who may need legal help with ANY legal topics. Mitzi Lott

Mitzi Lott

“Stan Burman’s sample legal documents level the playing field for Pro Se Litigants like myself! Unfortunately I was in a situation where I had to represent myself in a civil litigation. I had been  spending a lot of time at the law library and online assembling a mountain of legal information preparing for my litigation […]

Patrick Writer

“Hi Stan, Thanks again for your invaluable legal docs – I got my TRO!!!  as a Pro Per and now I am represented by counsel. It’s “angels” like you that help the people in pro per / pro se towards some evenness in the court playing field. I couldn’t have written and pleaded as successfully […]

Renee Yamagashi

Legal documents that Stan Burman can prepare for licensed attorneys.

Mr. Burman has prepared the following types of documents for both California and Federal litigation, usually with favorable results. Oppositions to motions have been prepared as well as replies to oppositions as needed. A partial list of pleadings and documents prepared by Stan Burman:




Judgment collections paperwork such as motion for assignment order, creditor’s suits and more.

Petition for dissolution of marriage or response to petition for dissolution of marriage.

Petition for Probate of will and letters testamentary.

Petition to determine succession to real or personal property.

Spousal probate petition.

Motion to Quash Service of Summons.

Demurrers and oppositions to demurrers as well as judgment on the pleadings.

Motions to Strike and oppositions to motions to strike.

Petition to Compel Arbitration.

Motion to Expunge Lis Pendens.

Motion for Leave to File Amended Pleading.

Motion to Consolidate Cases.

Motion for Reconsideration.

Sample legal documents created and sold by Stan Burman.

View over 300 sample legal documents for California and Federal litigation created by Stan Burman. Mr. Burman has created over 300 sample legal documents for California and Federal litigation based on his many years of experience.

To view the sample documents for sale visit: https://legaldocspro.myshopify.com/products

For more information on hiring Stan Burman.

If you are in need of legal research or drafting services and you recognize value Stan Burman is ready to get started. For more information e-mail: DivParalgl@yahoo.com


Stan Burman only performs virtual litigation paralegal services for licensed attorneys and law firms.  He does not work for the general public.

However if you are involved in a civil matter that is NOT an eviction or family law matter Mr. Burman does work closely with an attorney that offers limited scope representation services such as consultation and legal document preparation for much less than what they charge for full attorney representation. For more information or a referral to an attorney that offers limited scope representation services email:  DivParalgl@yahoo.com



4 Responses

  1. Good morning Mr. Burman. Thank you for the well wish and support. I would like to know if you possibly could refer me to someone with your expertise in my area. I could really use some advice. Im doing it all on my own, with help of the internet and people like yourself. Im losing my mind.


    • I would suggest checking on http://www.craiglist.org or http://www.nolo.com to find an attorney.


      • Need help to set aside settlement agreement signed during Xanex withdrawal syndrome and with the most incompetent unethical, attorney I have every seen. This man was released from my case 5 weeks before trial and after calling Citimortgage’attorney to notify him of the motion to sub the two of them decided to force me into settlement. Just three days after screeming
        at me to be relieved he is now calling everyday telling me to settle. Xanex is a very powerful and tricky drug, not taking it was making me more anxious than taking it. This constant attack from his office made me extremely nervous. The last call to threaten me placed me in a panic, and I said okay I’ll sign. Mr. Colunga laughed. My case against Citimortgage is so strong along with my cousin’s case against Citimotgage that the only way they could win would have been to get one of us to sign a settlement agreement. Mr. Daniel Bath attorney for Citi knew how greedy and unethical, unprepared, and incompetent
        Mr. Setlich was so he enticed him with a settlement amount of $17,500. $10,000 to Setlich 7,500 to me. He never notified me of important court dates, and missed two hearing dates. My prescription for Xanex says anixous due to foreclosure and eviction. My lawyer used this information to emotionally manipulate me into signing something that I never would sign otherwise. Extrinsic fraud used to keep me out of court to benefit Daniel Bath/Citimortgage, and mistake, misrepresentation of facts and conflict of interest when colluding with Daniel Bath after the sub of attorney was already sent in. With my diminished mental capacity from Xanex withdrawal, and daily attacks of threats of what put me on Xanex in the first place, I want to know about the likelihood of setting this aside. I forgot to tell you that Setlich force me to sign my daughter’s name on the settlement. I was in such a panic to just run before sheriffs came for me. My mental state was like a lunatic. I really should not have been talking to them anyway. As much as Setlich used the fear of sheriff deputies coming for me, Daniel Bath used the fear of trial prep on Setlich. I always maintained that I wanted my day in court. Could you help me, find solutions??
        THANK YOU!!!


      • I am unable to personally assist you as I do not work directly for the public. I urge you to contact an attorney as soon as possible. I have forwarded your comment and message to an attorney that I work with who may be able to assist you. I hope everything works out for you.


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