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Foreclosure Facts 101: Keep it Simple

This blog post is an excellent example of the KISS principle. Keep it simple stupid. Otherwise you will just waste your time with minutiae

Livinglies's Weblog

Sometimes we need a reminder of what ultimately matters when fighting wrongful foreclosure. Most foreclosures are based upon false claims of securitization, but proving it can be a challenge.

Foreclosure serves the following purposes:

  1. The purpose is to convert the asset into (1) a legal document that makes it appear as though all preceding events were valid and (2) to steal the money.
  2. Virtually all foreclosures are wrongful — i.e., they are not filed for the purpose of getting relief to the equitable owner of the debt —- the investors who thought they had legal ownership pf the paper and the debt. They are filed to steal money from investors and to make it look official.
  3. Default: The debt arose when the homeowner got the money. No question about that.
  4. The homeowner was the obligor of that debt and the party whose money was used to fund the “loan” was and…

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