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$2K goes missing from couple’s bank account, but it wasn’t a thief. Guess who?

In my personal opinion the money was taken by a thief, the thief was Bank of America.

Justice League

Karen and Lindsay Leveen of Sausalito had been victims of bank fraud once before. So when they found almost $2,000 missing from their checking account, they thought it happened again. The real shock? Finding out who actually took their money.

“We were horrified,” Karen Leveen said. “We said, ‘this is like stealing.”’

They realized their money was gone when they tried to use their debit card at a retail store.

“They said this card won’t cover your purchase and we said, ‘why?’ We thought they were joking.” Karen Leveen recalls. “There should be plenty of money in there.”

“We had just made deposits into that account,” Lindsay Leveen added. “Karen’s social security went into that account, my pension.”

“We thought somebody had drained our bank account,” Karen said. “We became alarmed and went to the nearest (bank) branch.”

A manager at Bank of America confirmed someone had just withdrawn $1,956…

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New Tax Scams Are On The Rise – Protect Yourself And Your Tax Return — Consider The Consumer

They say the only things certain in life are death and taxes, and, well, tax scams. The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) just reported yet another disturbing trend of targeting tax preparers this tax season. This year, however, the schemes seem a bit more sophisticated, making you a bit more susceptible. Even though this year’s tax season has…

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