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Regulation Is Killing Community Banks – Public Banks Can Revive Them — WEB OF DEBT BLOG

Crushing regulations are driving small banks to sell out to the megabanks, a consolidation process that appears to be intentional. Publicly-owned banks can help avoid that trend and keep credit flowing in local economies. At his confirmation hearing in January 2017, Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said, “regulation is killing community banks.” If the process is […]

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This blog post is not surprising as Senator Dick Durbin once said in discussing the United States Senate that the banks “Frankly own the place”.

NJ Appellate Court Decision Goes to Achilles Heel of “Securitizers”

Livinglies's Weblog

“In order to have standing to foreclose a mortgage, a party ‘must own or control the underlying debt.'”

New Jersey litigants need look no further. In fact, in every other state of the U.S. you will find the same decisions each quoting from several other to the same effect. Courts across the country have usually confused the issue and accepted the allegation of ownership as proof of ownership. This court answers that as well:

To establish such ownership or control, Plaintiff must present properly authenticated evidence that it is the holder of the note or a non-holder in possession with rights of the holder.”

So what is a holder, such that the party has established “ownership or control of the underlying debt.” That is the issue that has been blurred by the banks.

The banks focus on the state statutes (UCC) enabling a holder to enforce without ever establishing that…

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Banks make money on settlements too-Livinglie’s Weblog

If you are waiting for one of those “settlements” to mean something before your home goes up for auction, don’t hold your breath. Relief is not coming. The “simple” truth is that the investor is interested in the debt (i.e., the money owed by you) but everyone else is only interested in the paper. If […]

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OP-ED The author of this post is a paralegal and consultant to attorneys in real property and foreclosure matters. Any information or suggestions proffered on this blog are not to be construed as legal advice, nor to they impliedly guarantee any legal outcome or attempt to draw any conclusions of law. A week from […]


California’s treasurer extends the ban on doing business with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo & Co. was barred by California’s treasurer from being hired for another year because of the bank’s fraudulent account scandal, leaving the company largely cut off from underwriting work with one of the nation’s biggest municipal-bond issuers. Treasurer John Chiang on Monday said he decided to leave the sanctions in place against the San […]

via California Extends Ban Against Wells Fargo Due to Scandals — Justice League

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