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Katherine Ann Porter, Author of 2007 Study Revealing the Destruction of Notes, Is Running for Congress

Hopefully she will do more for homeowners than Kamala Harris has ever done, which was not very much.

Livinglies's Weblog

Ms. Porter was the first person who broke through the ruse of securitization and confirmed what I thought, in 2007, leading to the creation of this blog. As a Professor at the University of Iowa she conducted a study that revealed that, at a minimum, 40% of all executed notes were destroyed shortly after the “closing” of a home loan. Negotiable notes are the equivalent of cash. I was left with the question “why would anyone shred money?”

Now in California, this former protege of Elizabeth Warren is running for Congress. I think she deserves all the support she can get. She is one of the few people running for public office who understands the mortgage meltdown and who will keep fire to the feet of fellow legislators as the country continues to sort out fraudulent loans, fraudulent “meltdowns,” and fraudulent foreclosures.

Ten years ago, when I was a lone…

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