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Mich. foreclosure law is ‘gov’t-sanctioned thieving’

Hopefully the United States Supreme Court will agree to hear this case. In the meantime the people of Michigan need to contact their state legislators and demand that the legislature repeal the Michigan General Property Tax Act.

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Michael Haverluck

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is being petitioned by several small property owners in Michigan who argue that they were victimized by the state’s abusive foreclosure law that allows the local government to steal their property and make hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit off of them.

Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) the property owners’ appeal is asking SCOTUS justices to review and strike down the problematic Michigan General Property Tax Act – a law that permits the local government to seize and sell peoples’ property because of their overdue taxes, while keeping any extra profits from the sales for itself … like ordinary thieves.

“Michigan’s General Property Tax Act allows bureaucrats to take more than their due when they go after people for unpaid property taxes,” PLF attorney Christina Martin stated in her nonprofit legal group’s press release last week. “In other…

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