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The Chickenshit Club: Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives Hardcover – July 11, 2017

Livinglies's Weblog

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jesse Eisinger paints a blistering account of corporate greed and impunity, and the reckless and anemic response from the Department of Justice and Department of Treasury where penalties and fines were only implemented to create the illusion of enforcement.

To date, no banksters are in prison after the fallout from the financial crisis of 2008 plays out.  CEOs have been granted a license to commit wrongdoing with impunity.   However, the problem goes way beyond banks deemed “Too Big to Fail” to almost every large corporation in America—to pharmaceutical companies and auto manufacturers and our own government.

The Chickenshit Club— is about prosecutors too scared of failure and too daunted by legal impediments to do their jobs while knowing the bankers had swindled trillions of dollars. This book is written from the perspective of what occurred inside the Department of Justice over a fifteen years.  …

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