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Read at your own Risk: Ben Bernanke blames 9 Million people for their Foreclosure Woes

I am not surprised that an ivory tower elitist like Ben Bernanke would blame the homeowners for the foreclosure crisis. This is just another reason that they need to end the Fed, as soon as possible.

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Editor’s Note: The Gangsta Elite like Ben Bernanke refuse to admit that the government utterly failed homeowners in the crisis.  Bernake claims the housing market crash was because homeowner’s were irresponsible and over-borrowed.  He also blames the homeowners for failing to modify or restructure mortgages because they were, “not interested in talking to the bank or participating in a program.”  It was Bernanke’s c0-conspirator at the Fed Timothy Geitner who readily admitted that the purpose of HAMP was to “grease the runways” to increase opportunities to foreclose on homeowners who were deliberately misled by the banks.  The Federal Reserve is economically evil to 99.9% of the United States population.  ‘Chain of Title’ author David Dayen commented that “Ben Bernanke is a fraud covering for other frauds when it comes to letting 9 million-plus families lose their homes unnecessarily.”

In an extended interview, the former Fed…

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