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Pensions: $1.3+ Trillion Shortfall, Beneficiaries Unaware

Livinglies's Weblog

When the great call comes for pension benefits that are unfunded workers who depended on using their retirement money to survive will find that the money managers have been taking outsize fees while investing in world class scam on Wall Street.

Banks win, everyone else loses. Everyone is kicking the can down the road to avoid a revolt. The “shortfall” means that there won’t be enough money to pay out all the benefits that workers and their employers invested for their retirement. The cause is mostly the worthless “mortgage-backed securities” and a fair share of other forms of mismanagement.

Besides the shortfall many of these people were unknowingly contributing to their own demise: The money went into managed, funds, fund managers (companies) assumed the job of management, and portfolio managers actually did the management of the money — badly.

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