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Citi’s attempts to act ethically are a smoke-screen to hide Fraud

Livinglies's Weblog

by the Lending Lies Team

CitiGroup’s attempts to act Ethically are a Smoke-Screen for its Fraud Spree.

In last Saturday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal an article entitled, “The Banker-Turned-Seminarian Trying to Save Citigroup’s Soul”.  I didn’t projectile vomit but my gag reflex was activated.

Citigroup’s latest attempt to schmooze regulators and the general public by addressing past and ongoing legal and ethical violations is by hiring theologian and Princeton University professor Dr. David Miller to ‘white wash’ its crime spree.  Hiring an ethicist at Citigroup is akin to the Vatican consulting on evil prevention with mass-murderer Charles Manson.

Dr. David Miller has been retained as Citi’s “on call ethicist.”  Dr.  Miller heads Princeton’s Faith & Work Initiative and has worked with Citi over the last three years. He says, “You need banking, just like you need pharmaceuticals.”  Interesting analogy considering that both banking and big pharma are more…

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