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Bailee Letter Shows LPS is Central to Data Records

Livinglies's Weblog

A robo-witness from the servicer lacks capacity as a competent witness to give testimony that is the foundation for introducing “business records” from a third party. In short, the “summary” introduced in court derives from LPS records adn the summary itself is produced by LPS, who chose the party who would be the foreclosing entity in each case.

This letter demonstrates that (a) there is a cover letter with the transmittal of the so-called “original loan documents” and (b) that the electronic records are are kept by LPS. Thus the records produced in court as the records of the “servicer” are neither those of the servicer nor the Trust, if it is named in the foreclosure action as Plaintiff or beneficiary.

The bottom line is (a) ask for that bailee letter and (b) follow up with LPS as to their “desktop system.

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