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The Draining, er Entertaining, of the Swamp Creatures

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What a shocker.  Would you believe that instead of vetting (extremely, bigly, like the immigrants) that Trump is feting the Wall Street criminal geniuses that blew up the economy?  I know.  After eating some of that fine (read: gristly) Trump steak (spitting it into their napkins), the Wolves of Wall Street leave cackling. Plan? Executed. In record time. Let’s dismantle the weak, shitty protection put in place after we nearly blew up the entire world’s financial markets with our gross over-leveraging and insane counter-party risk.   Those were good times because we made out like bandits when we got Hank Paulson to hand us an unlimited bailout check, courtesy of the USA and its taxpayers.  Oh, and also a sweet deal at the Fed window where we borrowed cash at 0%.  Then we ran around and foreclosed on those same taxpayers (suckers) and told the courts that THEY were the deadbeats

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