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California investigators wanted to sue Mnuchin bank over foreclosures

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California investigators wanted to file a lawsuit in 2013 against a bank owned by Steven Mnuchin, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Treasury Department, for misconduct during foreclosures, according to an internal memo obtained by CNN.

The memo and a draft civil complaint accused the bank, OneWest, of backdating thousands of documents, violating rules for waiting periods and tampering with foreclosure auctions beginning in 2009.

A spokesman for Mnuchin told CNN the memo and complaint were meritless and belong “in the garbage.” They were first reported by The Intercept.

The California attorney general at the time, Kamala Harris, never authorized the lawsuit. A senior lawyer familiar with the case told CNN that by the time the recommendation was delivered, most of the potential benefits to consumers had already been achieved through the California Homeowner Bill of Rights, which became law in January 2013. Harris was elected to…

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    • Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately I am unable to assist you personally as I only work for licensed attorneys. If you would like a referral to an attorney that can assist you let me know.

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