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Wells Fargo Beatdown over endorsements that are not “genuine”



Here at LRM, I have written a lot about the importance of endorsements on promissory notes, specifically what has come to be known as a “ta-da” endorsement, which is roughly defined thusly:

“…endorsements that magically turn up on promissory notes after a lawsuit has been going for some time with banks relying on notes that have no endorsements.”

So why are endorsements so important in a foreclosure fraud case?  Because the endorsements establish who actually does—or doesn’t, as the case may be—have the right to take someone’s house from them.  In my research and in my personal belief, banks routinely did not endorse notes in order to effect negotiation of said notes to the various securitization trusts/pools into which they were supposedly bundled and sold.  In my view, the question of endorsements is the question when it comes to the propriety of foreclosure in any given case, and improper…

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