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The Tipping Point- Americans can Unite and Tip the Scales

Great article on how everyone can stop doing business with the big banks and other large corporations and instead do business with a smaller local community bank or credit union. That is a great idea.

Livinglies's Weblog


By- The Staff at Lending Lies

We are approaching a societal tipping point. Debt, government decay, and global dysfunction are culminating into an unstoppable social upheaval. The 2008 financial crisis that was a collusion engineered by the Fed and Wall Street, created billions of dollars in bad debt that has yet to be realized. Homes and stocks are grossly overvalued, pensions are at risk, investors are in trouble, and the American public are more interested in watching the Presidential Election reality show.

The ongoing Wall Street/Fed disaster has decimated America’s working class and senior citizens who are dependent on interest income to survive in an inflationary economy. Wages are down and the cost of living is up. The American economy has been on the brink of a full-fledged collapse since the early 2000s that was deferred only through the Fed taking extreme monetary actions with their conspirators, the Too Big…

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