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Notary Fraud Can Result in Void Documents

Great blog post by Neil Garfield discussing how notary fraud can result in void documents.

Livinglies's Weblog


By William Hudson

It is well known that the banks use false notarizations on foreclosure documents, affidavits, and assignments to create the illusion of ownership. The most typical variety of this problem occurs when a notary certifies that the person whose signature appears on a document really did sign it, even though the notary didn’t witness the signing.

Apparently, it isn’t enough that the loan servicers and their counsel digitally alter mortgage notes and assignments in order to create the appearance of standing, the banks are cultivating relationships with notaries to do their dirty work. There is a pattern emerging of notaries resorting to leaving spaces and boxes open on Affidavit jurats. It is likely that this is being done so that information can be inserted at a later time by the “lender” after the notarization of the document. It is illegal for a notary to notarize an affidavit…

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