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‘Wells Fargo LIARS’: Fed up with service, Mobile bar owner sticks it to big bank

More people that have been victims of big bank abuses need to start doing what Jim Walker is doing. If more people started doing that it would at least get the issue of big bank abuses more publicity.

Justice League

Mobile restaurant owner Jim Walker has a simple message for Wells Fargo: LIARS.

That’s the message he displayed a little more than two weeks ago in a banner hung outside one of his businesses, the OK Bicycle Shop, located at Dauphin Street and Washington Avenue.

Since then, Walker had raised the same banner above the Alchemy Tavern and a building near the Hardee’s in downtown Mobile. He is also planning to hang a similar banner over a bridge that’s facing Interstate 10 during Labor Day weekend for maximum exposure.

He said that several bad experiences he has had with the bank, which has $1.4 trillion in assets, inspired him to create the sign.

“At some point the consumer is going to have to stand up,” Walker said. “They are corporate bullies that are endorsed by the federal legislature. They are given unlimited power and this is the way they treat…

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