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Dubious foreclosure cases are suffocating families

Shocking story particularly the part about the New Yorker Ron D. who has been trying for more than five years to find out who owns the loan on his home.

Justice League

Buying a house is supposed to usher in a happy new phase — not a lengthy legal battle that puts your life in a deep freeze for years.

Foreclosure cases that drag on for years without resolution, however, have become a quiet crisis in New York, particularly for homeowners who have dared to fight back against dubious foreclosure claims by banks and investors.

Drawn-out foreclosures are forcing families to double up on housing, curtailing work opportunities outside New York, depleting savings accounts, blighting neighborhoods with vacant and abandoned properties, and draining hopes and dreams.

New Yorker Ron D., who declined to give his full name out of concern for his family’s privacy, has been struggling for more than five years to sort out who owns the loan on his metro-area home. He and his wife now live with their adult child, and don’t know when they will be able to…

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