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Consumers Were Robbed In The National Mortgage Settlement

The great majority of homeowners that have been illegally foreclosed upon have received nothing from the National Mortgage Settlement. The states took the money and spent it on whatever they wanted to.


Comment: This article is from Matt Weidner’s blog.  With the victory in California, we all should be suing the past administrations of our state finances and misuse of the National Foreclosure Settlement money.  

I am collecting for the Wisconsin action.  More later……

Consumers in Florida were supposed to be “helped” by the National Mortgage Settlement. Instead they were attacked when the judicial system used the money that was funneled to it by the wrongdoers to hire judges and buy equipment that was used to attack them.

The offenses are so grotesque that it could only happen in the context of banks colluding against consumers.

A recent lawsuit ruled that California must pay this money back.

From Housing Wire:

The state funneled some of that money, $331 million, to programs it deemed more in need of attention. It used, rather stole, this money intended for homeowners to give it to…

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