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NJ Foreclosure Mill Goes Bankrupt

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group of people. Blog post from Neil Garfield discussing the news that a New Jersey foreclosure law firm (foreclosure mill) is bankrupt and that 30,000 cases will be transferred to other law firms.

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see 30,000 Cases to be Transferred from Bankruupt NJ Lawfirm

It’s a growing trend. More law firms are backing out the foreclosure mill business. The reasons are pure economics. The number of contested foreclosures is rising exponentially. The foreclosure firms get a small flat fee for each foreclosure case. The numbers don’t add up.

In addition, these firms are finding themselves in the cross hairs of bar associations who are starting to look at the use of fabricated documents and fabricated testimony from robo-witnesses and robo-signers.

These firms made tens of millions of dollars in profits simply…

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