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MERS is Not a Beneficiary

Blog post by Neil Garfield stating that MERS is not a beneficiary. I hate MERS as much as anyone. I just wish that the California Courts would accept this argument. So far they have not.

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This is not legal advice on your case. Consult a lawyer who is licensed in the jurisdiction in which the transaction and /or property is located.

I am busier than a one-armed paper hanger this week. No offense to the personally challenged.
Fortunately a brief popped up in my email which goes all the way back to what I was saying in 2007-2008 regarding MERS.
First MERS is NOT a beneficiary under any statutory definition of any state, as far as I can tell. In an action in Arizona the judge asked the MERS lawyer point blank whether that was a true statement and the lawyer confirmed that MERS did not fit the legal definition of a beneficiary. Which brings us…

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