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Rooker Feldman Explained — Finally

The Rooker Feldman doctrine does not bar a federal court from litigating a claim for damages suffered as a result of an injury that predated any state court litigation and caused injury independently of it. Very informative blog post from Neil Garfield.

Livinglies's Weblog

The RF doctrine is generally thought to mean that anything that was litigated in state court cannot be brought up in Federal court and that the reverse is also true. One of my anonymous contributors has detected a case that makes the whole RF doctrine thing and res judicata doctrines COMPARED and found to be different.

Here is what he sent me from the decision

from the case:

What   Johnson   adds—what   the   defendants   in   this   suit   have   failed   to   appreciate—is   that   federal   courts   retain   juris-­‐‑ diction   to   award   damages   for   fraud   that   imposes   extra-­‐‑ judicial   injury.   The   Supreme   Court   drew   that   very   line   in   Exxon  Mobil:

Nor  does  [the  doctrine]  stop  a  district  court…

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