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Unlawful detainer judgment in California reversed due to defective three-day notice



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  1. what if you are served repeated 3 day notices (sometimes two within days of each other) after the owner of the rental you live states he has decided to hire a property manager to evict you? between January and June of 2016 a total of 6 3 day notices were taped to our door. None of them reflected any accurate indication of owed rent. After attempting to communicate with the owner of the property, who happens to be my brother in law, and the property manager who was hired and is paid by my mother n law, there was no response other than a new amount that we owed stated in an email that was never indicated on any of the 6 3 day notices with a declaration that this was the “end of the discussion” re what he stated we owed in back rent.
    if we did owe any rent, it would be because the owner of the property decided to arbitrarily refuse rent in January of 2016 for 6 months in advance. The property manager declared that he was NOT there to evict us after we gave him a more definitive view of this family squabble gone way too far. We indicated that this was connected to a bigger and much more severe situation which had put us into a position that caused us to fall behind in rent for November of the previous year that the people that are paying him are responsible for. He did indicate he understood that there was family involved, but everything he said was counter indicative of what he did.

    we are now waiting for our case to be heard. unfortunately, the legal aid center never indicated anything about the demurrer process which is something i have come to understand as the first way to be done with this. Seeing that we are currently trying to find an attorney to represent my wife regarding the bigger issue connected to this, i am hoping we will be able to secure services to assist us in this matter as well. but i am not comfortable standing by and waiting, considering that it has been more than difficult to find an attorney.


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