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California Courts Lay Off Hundreds, Close Courts, and Even Hold Garage Sales To Deal With Budget Cut

Great article by Jonathan Turley on the financial crisis affecting the California Court system.


220px-Tag_Sale_Sign260px-Bulloch_county_courthouse_statesboro_georgia_2005We have previously discussed the lack of priority in this country as Congress has spent trillions on wars and corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan while our most basic state and federal public programs and services are cut. Indeed, we spend billions on increasingly hostile countries like Pakistan or affluent countries like Israel while our educational system and infrastructure collapses. There is no greater example of that lack of priority than the decline of our court systems which are woefully underfunded and facing a growing crisis in dealing with civil and criminal cases. I often speak to judges and they all complain that they are overwhelmed and unable to meet the most basic demands of the legal system. In California, one court had to resort of a garage sale while another is imposing a $1 a page charge for people to get copies of needed court records. Our legal system is…

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