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Three-day notice to pay rent or quit in California




8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tip. Just finished beating an anti-slapp motion in state and appeals court. If interested, would love to share.


  2. what if it is a back house that is not have a permit ?


  3. Im looking for the California Civil Code to show my Landlord as proof that their nnotice is defective, would you happen to know it off the top of your head?


  4. Hi, my name is Kyle. What if the landlord served me with a defective 3 day notice on 10/3,(overstated rent by 10%, non-agent signed the notice)then served me with another notice that was not defective on 10/16.(rent was exact, and was signed by correct agent) They included the non-defective notice in the summons. Do I have an affirmative action or will the judge say they changed it correctly, so it is okay?

    Thank you


    • I cannot give legal advice. However, the general rule is that the last 3 day notice served supersedes or takes precedence over any prior notices. In other words most Judges would probably say that they changed it correctly.


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