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Affirmative defenses to a California unlawful detainer (eviction) complaint




9 Responses

  1. Your blog is very informative. Helped me a great deal with a situation I am experiencing. There is limited help in my area and I have found it a great task at finding answers to my questions. I have been retaliated against and harassed for a year now for speaking up about inappropriate billing of utilities by a 3rd party. My Sec8 housing payment was taken twice in 2010, applied to the utility bill and in return I was served a 3day notice for default of rent. Full rent was paid by housing. I was asked to make payment arrangements which were not agreeable. I have been approached at 9pm, while dumping trash and asked by mngmt. When I would have money. Other forms of retaliation and harrasment. Currently rcvd 90day notice to vacate and denied the right to have proposed lease reviewed by housing before signing. Ms. Burrell


  2. There are only two or three paralegals in SoCal that are better than me and this guy is one of them. I love doing answers to UD complaints and just did my own blog on affirmative defenses,


  3. Thank you for all of this information!
    I have court in a few hours and I am going to use this the retaliation defense. I received a 3 day notice, I paid the rent within the 3 days and had the check returned. I do believe the manager is retaliating because I put in too many work orders regarding roach infestation.

    Hopefully I will win and be able to get actual and punitive damages and continue living there until I find a new place to live.

    Wish me luck!


  4. Excellent article. It is very informative. Here is a question for you. Does a three-day notice require 10 days wait if you post and mail it like the summon?


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